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! if you have React and/or Node MVC application your help is appreciated ! because garry said he might delete fp in a few months i had the idea to make a forum system emulating facepunch this is day 0: https://streamable.com/lifsn https://streamable.com/x91u7 let's hope i'm not too lazy!!
Save us
i do plan to open source it, even if not forever, so it's easier for you guys to point out problems with it i'll not be taking requests until you know, you can make threads and post in them
Can I be mod?
I'd love to help out, but unfortunately all of my programming experience is in the field of native applications, particularly Java / C#, though I've experience with other languages like Python and ANSI C (for what good that'll do me ). Web development makes my head spin, with all the different frameworks and the obtuse set-up. I've tried to get into a few times, but I never got as far as getting all the frameworks set up. The most complicated web framework I can use is jQuery.
If you keep working on this, it could have potential as a place where we could move in the event FP does close. Keep up the good work.
There's bound to be a handful of people trying to make replacements to Facepunch in the event it shuts down, so how does anyone know that the community will migrate to this one? I mean someone could just make a vB forum and that would be the absolute fastest to set up and already feels like Oldpunch. Not that trying to create a forum system from scratch isn't impressive, but I don't think the majority is going to wait.
Is it gonna cost you?
I offered him to use my domain "hammersmash.com" for free, but I'm sure he's looking into all possible options since he said he'll keep it in mind
I can provide mediocre amounts of moral support
nobody does, not even me indeed im doing it for fun and because i can do whatever i want since i made and own the code
For eventual domain or server costs (if the time comes), I'm sure we'll be able to sort it out as a community.
Domain isn't an issue, I'm throwing fcpn.ch at him, all need to do if the forum does shutdown is ask hezzy really nicely to transfer ownership of it to us.
Wouldn't we have to change the name since Facepunch is the name of the studio? Unless we're going with "Faceponch" or something which I'm all up for
I still vote for asskick
fuckingawesome dot com
i'll give you my firstborn if you start me off with 5 notpunch coins thinkin big
If the forums actually are getting shut down and you need a React Dev, send me a message and I'll be happy to do a bunch of frontend stuff. I'm a bit tight on time offer full stack help.
I'm worried about keeping something that resembles the original name too closely. It would probably be a good idea to stray a bit further away from it.
Look, I don't want to be that guy, but I can't help and feel this effort to be a bit misguided if you're serious about making a facepunch replacement for the facepunch community. I understand wanting to own most of the code, but making a production-ready software solution requires a lot of work. Why don't you take, say, discourse, and just work the front-end to have that facepunch feel? Sure, it's ember.js, but you'll avoid most of the heavy backend work, and when you have to edit the backend you'll start from very solid foundations. It just makes more sense to me, and if push comes to shove, that's my own plan of action if no other suitable (and usable!) alternative pops up. Bringing up a discourse instance is real quick, and domains and hosting is plenty cheap nowadays - and I don't want the community I grew up in to disappear if I can do something about it.
fkawsm.com Its actually available.
I'm voting for pacefunch.com
i understand the sentiment, but i've worked on hugeass applications from scratch and it's something i'm used to. i've never done forums to scale but that's why i want to do it i want to have full control over the code. i want to be able to add whatever crazy thing i want to add. i want to instantly know where something has gone wrong. but again, most importantly, i want to do it from scratch because it'll be fun and i'll learn a bunch and if i really have to defend it, you'll only get the fp feel with old, shitty php frameworks. i have zero interest in working on those
we have a thread listing now!!!! incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/4d0955ea-c758-47eb-a488-fc1e6e2781c5/image.png going to take a break because it's literally the few first hours of my vacation and i spent it all... working
Don't get me wrong, I understand wanting to own the code and having perfect awareness of how the thing works, but you realise that's unrealistic to have such a system ready on such short notice? For all we know, garry can hit the nuke button in less than a month. Also ew, php. This instance of the forums has a FP feel, I don't feel we need the php jank for that.
yeah im not going to get it done in a day like i did with stylepunch
RNG-determined violently vibrating embeds or riot.
I'd be down to contribute some artwork. Emotes or whatever's needed.
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