• The Badage Boys 10th Year Anniversary
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This shit right here is why I still come to the forums
I had always found the Badage Boys to be so mysterious and I don't know why. The mystery was super attractive to me when I first saw the copypasta, and I always had a sort of weird gut revulsion to that one picture of the chick with the crab, and I can't explain that to this day.
still can't believe how many 05/6/7ers are still around. we're almost as old as mikfoz now.
If you piss in the sea of piss, the sea pisses back
Every month I think about making a badage boys thread but I can never decide if I want my thread to be "Collusion Confirmed: Mueller Indicts Trump" or "Fleet of Russian Bombers Heading Toward Kiev"
The_Lizard_Xing added me on Facebook 8 years ago and talked a bit about it. Don't know why or if he was trying to recruit me for something but I never really talked with him a lot. Only knew that he made this stuff up and saw the site he (y'all?) Had with the maps and shit of the empire and all the lore. I can't find it now but he's still got an abandoned YouTube with all the anthems and shit. And he's got some of the dinosaur suit people on his personal Facebook, as well as some other Badage Stuff.
I based my username and avatar off of the best Badage boy, the god of the grove but he's more of a groove god to me I actually wanted it to be God of the Groove (Druid Vampire) but it was too long
Holy shit you know him too? Yeah, all the pictures I've seen from him made me think he's well off or actually part of a reptile conspiracy He's the one who made all the maps and anthems and stories and stuff. None of us knew if/to what extent any of it was plaigarized, but he did tell us he 'took random ideas from places'. We occasionally inputted on some stuff but he was the mastermind generally. Otherwise we all acted like friends and played games together, mostly Left 4 Dead iirc. Was fun, if weird. And yeah, I'd like to leave him in peace. I consider him a friend after all these years and one day out of the blue a few years ago he messaged me again on Steam. We talked a bit, played some games, and then he disappeared again.
Probably the best meme/inside joke in FP history, when newpunch came around with backgrounds I knew I had to dedicate mine to it.
Aww man, I missed the anniversary date! Nevertheless, I give a belated tip of the gasmask hat to the Badage Boys for their lasting impact on FP history! Keep on keeping on, boys!
I never expected to find out the truth behind the boys
Added references to the Wikipunch article now that I had a moment to actually sort through the sources I used. Funnily enough, in one of them, Xing's shown saying "I think I prefer it being faceless... Another side wants me to take my credit for it." Now he's forever credited!
I'm still here "Trump Resigns"
i'm not leaving until garry drags these forums from my hands i die
That "elephant" always make me jump
Trump piss tape leaked Mueller aid confirms piss tape Trump to make emergency press conference at *time* Trump admits he was wrong about Climate change Trump resigns Trump makes surprise visit to Russia Trump banned from Twitter Trump Jr/Kushner in protective custody/fully cooperating with special council *Beloved figure* found dead/hospitalized from drug overdose/self inflicted gunshot/suicide Tesla files for bankruptcy Military opens fire at US/Mexico border I could go all day. You just gotta find something that tugs at FP's heartstrings.
Valve HQ raided by authorities, Gabe "Gaben" Newell in critical condition
Those are all good but I want the title to be bad news so when people open it up, it's a sigh of relief that the hydrogen bomb buried in the mud off the coast of Georgia hasn't detonated and there isn't a huge cloud of radioactive fallout about to rain down on the southeast
FP has a knack for developing bizarre inside jokes, and that's why I can't help but adore it. I'm not entirely sure when I first encountered the boys, but I've gotten better at sniffing out their threads as of late. I think there was a recent thread titled "Trump in critical condition after heart attack" or something, and my first thought was, "They're back."
Seems fitting to see these boys one last time. If the forums are to die I'm glad it's with you crazy lads.
My boy Akbar will never die
Hey, hi. I had a conversation with him one day. https://i.imgur.com/xYtT1xn.jpg We kept talking after this, about his time in India I think, and he showed me some pictures. But I redacted those for respect of privacy.
Nothing can be as old or older than mikfoz
http://i.imgur.com/7I2Tv.jpg Cursed image
This was super bizarre to me back in the day. It still sends shivers down my spine.
In my 13(14 before i officially registered) years on FP, the badage boys never gets old hahaha.
Holy shit are you a fossil?
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