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I know OIFY is a shit hole of shitposts and gross out images. But when a man with his fucking head is smashed open and a thread is full of gore. Sorry i had to make a fucking thread to point this out, but for Christ sake. That shit ain't funny. And whoever gets off to people getting horrified is demented.
The oify is, and has always been, a stupid useless section Why it has persisted for over a decade is beyond me.
Yeah I had to open up my reports to this shit Because if OIFY didnt exist everyone there would post this shit in the main forum
No they wouldn't, in fact they would be banned or perma'd. Its a festering cesspool that allows that behavior to spread to other threads. There has been examples of regular posters from OIFY who try to pull the same shitposting behavior in the other forums. That behavior has been pointed out before and they only go. "Its just an Internet Forum, lol"
I think pinging users from within oify should be bannable.
yeah because that totally stops people from creating dumb one off ban-me threads in any other section It gives people a literal forum to shitpost. Take away the section and there will be a shockingly net loss of shitposting.
He's gone, permanently so yeah. Don't worry guys I can see as bright as day how fucked up this is so yeah thats that
I for one.. think oify should only be for drunk posting.
I mean if I have to be honest we can't even delete it right now even if we wanted to so I'm just trying to relieve some of the tension here lol theres not much else we can do but hope this shit doesnt happen again
Not if you banned people and curbed peoples behavior.
Speaking of deleting, is that abomination of a thread going to get turbo-scrubbed out of existence? That seems like it would be for the best.
Sorry, not trying to start anything here. I know its not personally on you or anything. Hell, its been a section for as long as I've been here, probably back before 2007 even.
I'm no superman but I'm doing my best
I really did not need to see that, I do not do well with gore at all... Not even sure why I went to that alert. I don't post on here really so I'm not sure why Feeble pinged me in the first place.
tbqh after seeing that shit. Lord have mercy to the people who had to witness that nightmare of a thread.
Pinging users into seeing gore - check The list of users seemed personal - check no mercy
Yeah as I said before I clicked reports and suddenly my screen was full of gore. Not hard to empathise with anyone else who was tagged in that. I dont know who else saw it but i wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible
OIFY should just be deleted at this point tbh. it had a good run but the current line-up of idiots just push things too far. Not like it has much value, anyways.
And he's now permanently banned, good.
imagine getting so mad over people defending a furry esports player that you get yourself permabanned on oify by tagging me and others in gore.
well sure posting literal gore is prob a step too far ( @thebirdwoman actually got a ban for it in discord) but Oify fills a hole the forum has in an area where you can just open up your ass and take a massive shitpostie dump. The place would not be the same without the constant oify orgies I know the gold forum also has "no rules" but I remember getting a 24hr ban for shitting in it too. Its not the same.
A decade has passed and people are still posting goatse literal same shit
you could repurpose it into a porn section, makes sense with "the hottest place on the web"
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
meh goatse is goatse. it's the idiots posting animal snuff and random gore garbage that are really pushing things over the line. obviously the 'anything goes' approach isn't working there anymore.
OIFY I feel could be kept, if there was some resemblance of standards to enforce. I know this sounds completely batshit insane, but a basic list saying "yeah, you can scream about the jews all day long if you wish, just don't post shock images for the sake of shock images" would go a long way. Although, I'm not sure if the "OIFY culture" is too far gone to even begin to ponder such an idea, and if putting in such a thing would be too much strain on the mods already. It's a shitposting board and they're being asked to throw out exceptionally shit posts. The easiest thing to do would be to just remove it in its entirety, but that might piss plenty of people off who see it as something of value that is useful for a venting area with absolutely no standards.
It'd be exactly the same, minus the cancerous tumor.
God of the GrooveToday at 2:33 AM goddamnit feeble oaf gore in oify? NOW THE WHOLE GROUP IS STARING US DOWN Feeble OafToday at 2:35 AM this is a crowning achievement God of the GrooveToday at 2:35 AM is it, todd? is it? now I dont have a forum to make fun of your anime cartoon avatar Feeble OafToday at 2:35 AM if ya gotta go out, go out in style. God of the GrooveToday at 2:35 AM oh wait, I cant see the eyesore anyways but realtalk man did you do this to leave FP? God of the GrooveToday at 2:36 AM lol we've posted gore in OIFY, even when the porn threads got moved, didn't think it'd be a ban but damn, what a ban not even upset, totally justified God of the GrooveToday at 2:36 AM apparently its a mix of the gore and pinging people one or the other is fine but Feeble OafToday at 2:37 AM if only we had a set of rules God of the GrooveToday at 2:37 AM you know as well as I do that rule are arbitrary Feeble OafToday at 2:37 AM true, oh well, easy come easy go as frankie said it "I did it My Way" If I had to go out, I'm glad this was my tombstone. God of the GrooveToday at 2:39 AM Permission to post this as an epitaph on the thread where people are saying we should remove oify? Feeble OafToday at 2:39 AM bruh you got 100% my permission Feeble OafToday at 2:40 AM "Here lies Feeble Oaf: the greatest." Oop, here come all the people out of the woodwork who didn't have the balls to say shit before.
Who cares if they get pissed off, they can go shitpost on /b/ if they care that much.
the gore and violent pics are honest eye opener, albeit unsettling and unwelcoming. Now, I appreciate them being gone, but I don't mind them staying either, confined. oh well
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