• Facepunch Census 2019
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It's that time of year again! Facepunch Census 2019
100% yes rate so far
It wouldn't be the old forums, it'd be starting from scratch using existing forum software and using their addons, or coding addons.
it is much easier (and faster, and cheaper) to work on a smaller, more focused project than to try and make a big, bloated general-purpose piece of software made with older technologies (whose developers usually charge more for) to behave the way you want as opposed to using something that is faster, cheaper to host, easier to develop and that has more people who work with it and for cheaper while also getting total control over the resulting software, which is purpose made and easily extensible theres a reason why vbulletin was a pain in the ass back in the day, and there's a reason garry dropped it, even if there are many things garry couldve done differently with newpunch. using a forum customized over several years is not the same as grabbing the same underlying software and dropping it on a box. it'll take ages to make it feel right and it'll probably end up in the same headaches that oldpunch caused
I'd love to have Refugee Camp back, shit was hilarious to read when someone would have a total meltdown. And on the flipside, easier to ban appeal on-site rather than on Discord.
community run ads would be funny, kinda like how the avatar space of @Noob© was used to advertise threads and whatever. Can we also forget that vbulletin exists thanks
All I want is a forum that can be modified without having to suck Garry's dick.
I hate that discord is so integral to newpunch, I've only used when Facepunch is down
If for ever reason, you haven't seen Notpunch, here is the thread. This is a better idea than having a premade forum, premade ones can have issues that could not be fixed easily, and might not be able to do some features, even with plugins. Plus, this really is confirming to me that Garry is wanting to delete the forums now.
Can we see the suggestions for forums name so far? Curious to see what people came up so far (I suggested the very boring name Eyepoke) Whether Facepunch goes down or not, it is promising and exciting to see a new forum, and hopefully it'll be something that will be given a lot of care throughout in comparison
@Inacio is doing God's work with his new forum software. If worst comes to worst, we'd be best using that seeing as it'd be tailor made to our needs and there's already been so much progress made on it. Other than that, great questionnaire. I'd definitely be moving over and buying gold membership to support the forum!
Facepunch has been such a huge part of my life and my development as a person I would gladly pay money to keep a successor alive should this place close. This community deserves far better.
Suggestions, some I took from other posters in the past, can't remember who posted them though, sorry. An ad space for promoted threads where people can pay to have their threads shown off for a day/week. There would need to be restrictions on how long/active a user is to use this to prevent bots and kids from spamming it. A one off payment for gold membership would be fine. I don't think anyone would pay a subscription for it. Also a donation option for a community fund would be good. Unlike the current community fund you could have monthly threads where people suggest shit to do with it and people vote on the ones you pick. That way people won't be able to vote for popular but dumb shit like "Spend it all to commission a pilot to write 'Fuck Trump' in the sky" or whatever. Also this money would be used to help keep the site up.
Hezzy confirmed to be secretly notorious pro-Brexit user Boilrig
Done "Gold Membership" / GMF has such a bad taste in peoples mouths, i'd dump it and make something else up entirely or it's past reminder will get in the way of convincing people it's worth it.
One thing I loved to death about the old forums was that 2000's feel: https://b.thumbs.redditmedia.com/mhtFO5VwPCAQaorr2iw_WPRqOjevdUG9gXIq8hEQLLI.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/441/8abf418a-7560-4361-87ab-141341a225ae/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/441/98a600cc-c69e-4dc6-bf0e-9b9cd74a5f62/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/441/c8a05ec3-d5eb-442a-8e5d-e78e4419bf56/image.png The post flairs, user icons and ratings were all so lovable. I'm all for making the modern codebase and no more shitty backends, but please bring that feel back. It's one of the reasons I stayed here in 2012, because not many of those places were left, especially now.
I've made sure to seperate the UK users in my discord server from the Europeans and Americans.
Probably a terrible idea but I'd find it hilarious if "gold" was the new "banned" "you've been given a gold membership for 24 hours. Reason: flaming. (this is a ban)"
Bring back smartness
I still think it'd be nice to have more uses for the forum currency. Maybe even having some flashgames on the website where people can play them with a chatroom, and earn currency that way.
Texas hold em, buy in with your coins and go up against other players, beat them to win more coin
Besides the community, the ratings, smilies, thread banners and other misc flair were also another draw to the cheeky/homey feel of FP. (Also I'm tired of having to hotlink SA's similies and emojis are just disgusting as fuck). PM is sorely missed from oldpunch as well as a bit of flair with the custom titles. One thing that I absolutely should say is that Gold members shouldn't have the ability to ban even if its short (i.e. a couple hours). We have a great community here and I know that 99/100 gold members are responsible, but any new blood that comes in could just troll with it with no rhyme or reason.
http://horobox.co.uk/u/reag/2019-02-14_18-27-42.png 🤮🤮🤮
as long as it pays for the forum and the price is fair for the ban duration why not.
Yeah I sure do love the idea of being banned constantly because some fuckwad has a vendetta. Also register throwaway account, buy ban for someone, chargeback, repeat. Its honestly a dumb feature to suggest, it'll just be abused and bans should only be put out by moderators, getting punished just because X doesn't like you is dumb.
Banning people due to personal bias for starters regardless of how short the ban duration is.
Implement the feature in the first week and have it actually be a secret idiot cull that actually bans the person who 'uses the feature' first
Embrace the source gaming roots and implement votebans
Even with how many people we have here I still doubt we can get the 16 entire people to vote. I mean do you truly understand just how strenuous it is to type !voteban?
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