• Next Update v9 - October 2018 Update is live!
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http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/4000/header.jpg Changelogs: Pre-release Changelog Live Changelog GitHub: Main repository Pull requests Latest Update is out! https://gmod.facepunch.com/blog/october-2018-update/ Please keep your requests and bug reports to these repositories so they don't get buried in this thread. Issues Requests
Now that the october update is out, could you look into this now? https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-requests/issues/1201 and Add missing shaders from Alien Swarm/L4D branch · Issue #1195 · ..
Does the force of the wind in the map parameters determine how strong the effect tree sway is?
Basically yes, you can find info on treesway here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$treeSway
Is there a way to silence the now-fixed connect/disconnect messages? I can't seem to find the implementation anywhere
@Rubat , please remember the Chromium Branch still needs to be updated so players can use it with the new update. Cinema servers are basically non-functional without it.
@WinterPhoenix96 brings up a brilliant point. I have created scripts that automatically run cut-scenes on my custom servers; however, most players are unable to see these cut-scenes. Chromium should certainly be merged with the stable branch.
A PLAYER.Set/GetWalkSlowSpeed function doesn't exist? Am I missing something? Please papa Rubat Add PLAYER.Set/GetWalkSlowSpeed · Issue #1231 · Facepunch/garrysmod-requests
Still have very limited information on this but it seems that players with macOS who are loading into my server spike everyone's ping besides themselves into the thousands until they either disconnect/crash or finish loading into the server, has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Any possibility of this being fixed? Clientside player muting is broken with >32 players · Issue #361..
what's about raplacing purple-black to translucent. i have error: if i play long time in gmod, i have message: videodriver nvidea stopping responding and was seccessfully restored, and after this i cant enter gmod(now gmod is black square in left up corner of monitor),but game is work , i try fix this error but not work
if i just download github repository and put them into gmod folder, i setup update? or i need download update from steam?
Ignore the github. If you actually own Garrys Mod on steam, all updates will be handled through there.
Are you aware purple-black textures are intended to be watched just along with the big ERROR sign, it's intended to annoy you so the content creator fixes it, not you if you've followed the requirement correctly, in such case you're the problem, not the texture
i have addon "Metrostroi 81-740 Rusich" and when i spawn he has missing door models and glass textures, in comments creator write: required models putted in this addon" but if i setup other addon Rusich models, door models fixed! but glass textures.....(purple-black) and how replace purple-black textures to other texture? for all models?
Missing materials are .. surprisingly, missing materials. Its up to the mod creator to fix this, not the dev team. All game-engines have missing model and missing texture material. They're made as obnoxious as possible, so the creators catch and fix the mistake. https://tcrf.net/images/thumb/1/18/BL2-Missing-CausticCaverns-Tex.jpg/500px-BL2-Missing-CausticCaverns-Tex.jpg "Don't hide the error, fix the error." The mod requires 5 other addons to work correctly. If you actually brought Gmod, you can use the workshop.
has gmod limit for function language.add("","")? because sometimes while game loading map has "#LoadingProgress_LoadResources"
I wonder when will we get nextbots being able to climp ladders
@Rubat did you have a chance to take a peek at my github request? Alien Swarm Additions · Issue #1201 · Facepunch/garrysmod
No. Also definitive no to VScript.
You have no idea how interesting would be for me and all people that works hard in the game to know more about why not, like seriously, we are not your boss, we are not paying you nothing, we are just doing our best to make the game better everyday Can you please tell us why not? It's about the effort behind? It's about you found hard and you can't solve by yourself? It's about there are no benefits for any of those additions? Please Rubat, garry's mod is not dying, but don't use that for just saying no and being the classy developer that can't say a single word about what's going on I don't care if you show stuff that never will see the light, take a look at CEF, at 64bits support, I fucking would love to have those things and watching you guys working on that brings me some hype and gmod 13 nostalgia, even if that won't ever happen, please, be open to the playerbase that use the game every day!
@Rubat Any chance of merging in the two-line fix for this issue? Model rendering issues when using NPC models · Issue #3642 · Fac..
Why I haven't looked into that request? Because I am busy with looking into and solving other issues. Why no VScript? Because we already have a scripting language in the game?
Could this PR be looked into merging? There are spawnmenu hooks that have been sitting broken and unused for years. I've been testing it with a number of gamemodes off GitHub and the workshop without problem.
Thank you for your reply, out of all the ones I listed, the top ones i personally would want, is static prop coloring support via hammer editor, light_directional, and beam_spotlight. All the things I listed are in the alien swarm code. This would make the compatibility gap much smaller for newer valve maps.
http://wiki.garrysmod.com/changelist/ Updated with latest stuff. We are planning on another update soon, before end of the year, most likely 3rd of December, it WILL require servers to update again. Sorry about that, but it is necessary for this more of a hotfix update. Not sure if we want to push all the changes or just the most vital stuff ( crash/exploit fixes ), let us know what you guys want/think.
Steam Rich Presence lookin spicy. Do you think there could be basic support for customizable Discord Rich Presence too, since Discord backpedaled on their HTTP API for their RPC system?
Some typos: https://i.imgur.com/a4Z5AIZ.png https://i.imgur.com/cDUGIct.png
https://i.imgur.com/iYmho8C.png nice
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