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Facepunch could use the money they aren't spending on a PR person to pay someone to moderate the discord. Alternatively the income from Chunks could be used since it doesn't seem to be going towards development of it. As an alternative to that alternative we could just find someone who frequents the Gmod discord and who isn't one of the shitposters and/or spammers and ask them if they'd be willing to volunteer as a discord moderator. Fourth alternative: Use the community fund (wherever that went) to pay someone to act as discord moderator. The shot was there I had to take it.
Paying someone to moderate a server sounds like trouble if you ask me
Well I mean we have a slew of (paid(?)) mods for the general facepunch discord and the forums already. I say paid in parenthesis because last I knew most if not all of the forum mods are paid in some capacity but that was years ago so I don't know if that's the case, also I say facepunch discord because most of the forum mods are also discord mods in some capacity.
I don't think Garry has any interest in getting mods for any of the game discords. Sosig and I offered to mod the Rust and GMod discords, respectively, but he never responded.
As far as I know that was more like a donation through purchases made with the boostar system on oldpunch when it still existed, nothing more.
If that requires people, why not just find altruists who want to help (as code_gs said he want to help, so do I) for it? How the FP forums gets their moderators?
@Rubat After the recent update of the DEV build, the hammer began to crashes quite often when the model was updated. Those. If earlier I could just recompile the model and its new version was displayed without problems in the hammer, but now the program instantly crashes.
Wait a second.... https://i.imgur.com/Y4LYFkt.png
This was done after this message
Thank @Willox
Yeah I offered for the Rust discord as currently it is a self promotion hell hole that is on the brink of losing it's verified status
Wow, these articles are actually very nice Garry's Mod – Facepunch Studios
Again, it wasn't changed. And you are doing something you should not be doing in the first place, just use HLMV.exe to for seeing changes to models by pressing F5. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/changelist/ Updated with latest stuff from the week as usual.
This is not a request, but more likely a question, it's possible for ProjectedTextures to project non-additive planes? So it would be used as dynamic decals
"DynamicLight now as a second parameter to allocate ELights when set to true - automaitcally used for Sandbox Light tool" Shouldn't the repo have been updated with this change?
Previously, hammer did not crash, it either showed a new model or it simply disappeared, but the program continued to work. Do not say that I'm doing something wrong, I point to a specific problem.
http://wiki.garrysmod.com/changelist/ Updated with latest stuff as usual. My bad.
It's a pity. Apparently you have to temporarily split the mapinto several files at the time of development.
@Rubat do you still plan to add more stuff from csgo?
I'm using chromium branch and I just saw this error pop up while just switching pages in my subscribed add-ons list. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1733/b4bac636-4d5c-4a74-b41d-5f2672e2c603/image.png
What does HTTP ERROR 3 mean?
I'm using Native2Proton btw
No, probably the GMod Discord server or ?Knockout? HTTP_ERROR_INVALID_URL, ///< InternetCrackUrl failed Maybe.
I have asked for a GMod dev forum on Knockout - whether Rubat and Willox would like to move discussion there when FP migrates is up to them, but I'll create an update discussion thread.
Btw, I wanna do the next update early next month or somewhere around there, probably 1st of July, or that week. Actual date will be announced on Steam news for the game as usual.
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