• Posting Guidelines (14th December 2018) and Developers Board Rules
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These are a set of guidelines to help people familiarise themselves with Facepunch. They’re not an exhaustive list, but if you follow these guidelines you can’t go far wrong. Civility Respect each other - Flaming and name calling will not be tolerated. Hate speech of any kind will result in you being permanently banned. Be mindful of others - Think about how your post will impact other users. Don’t try to wind people up on purpose. Be constructive - If you’re critiquing something, be detailed. Expand so it is helpful. No hostility - Don’t post in anger. If something riles you up, take a few moments to compose your thoughts before replying. Sobriety - Posting whilst under the influence is not a good idea. Ettiquette Thread Necromancy - Please don’t bump really old threads. Make a new one. Don’t post in an old thread to say that it was bumped. That’s silly. Use the Report feature - If you see something amiss, use the report feature. Ignore the text that is already on there; that can’t be changed right now. You won’t be punished for making reports. Warez - Don’t post links to stuff. You can discuss pirated content. “Call Outs” - These are posts that call on a user to explain something even though they’re not involved in a thread. Please don’t make these unless your post actually contributes to the thread. Ratings - They’re a quick way to show sentiment towards a post. Please don’t angrily post about receiving “Dumb” ratings, it makes you look stupid. Use English - This is an English speaking forum, you should always speak in English unless directed otherwise (for example, the Swedish chat thread). General Subforum Specific Rules - Subforums may have a specific set of rules which if they exist, will be listed below. Please be sure to view these before posting. Lurk - If you’re not entirely sure what to say, don’t say anything at all! It’s recommended that you lurk for a few days before posting. Bans are a warning - No need to get all bent out of shape if you get banned. We use these to warn you that what you’re doing is wrong. If you chat with the Moderator who banned you on Discord, they may unban you if you show understanding and remorse. Moderators Are Never Wrong™ - We are beyond criticism and are the best. Moderators have green usernames; you should do as they say. These forums belong to Garry - They’re a privilege, not a right. This section is for discussion involving Lua code or game behaviour, and sharing coded content. If you are experiencing crashes on Windows, include .mdmp files in your report. These can be found next to hl2.exe/srcds.exe. Rules Do not bump threads because you are experiencing the same issue - create a new thread, instead. Do not create multiple threads for the same issue. No help or support for malicious activities. No help or support for paid addons, or posting code belonging to one without author permission. Contact the author of the script, instead. You must make a legitimate attempt to solve the issue yourself first, including checking the wiki - you will not be spoon-fed. Do not make vague reports - post what you have tried and any errors incurred. Lua resources Official Reference Manual (5.1) - This is the version Garry's Mod utilizes. Official Reference Manual (5.3) - Latest version of Lua. Programming in Lua Book Lua Users Tutorial Programming Gems - Sample Book LuaTut Learn X in Y for Lua GLua resources Official Garry's Mod Wiki Garry's Mod 12 Wiki - Outdated to current version of Garry's Mod but still has some great tutorials. GLua Developer Discord GLua Docs "Why your scripts are now broken" - For updating Garry's Mod 12 scripts. GMod13 File library changes - For updating Garry's Mod 12 scripts. Youtube tutorials: Goature Chessnut SimonovaSKS - SWEPs & modeling Erigitic - Gamemode Scripting Software plugins Notepad++ Sublime Visual Studio Source Engine resources Valve Developer Wiki Source SDK 2013 Source Engine 2007 branch Alien Swarm branch Source Engine Discord
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