• Server Content Sorting (get rid of shit)
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Say, we have 2 GB of server content (models, materials, sound etc.). And we have actually chosen some certain models from it, so the question is - how to separate them including materials, or in other words, how to remove other unused content? Because if we save only models, we get missing textures as a result. Is there a software that scans models for material titles, and then saves this all stuff to some folder? I'm really interested... I know there's a software called VIDE created specially and particularly for mappers, and you can use Pakfile Lump Editor in it, packing bsp file, like pakrat, which is kinda nice, but it was created for sorta different purposes.
You can unpack gma addons and remove certain models and textures from them
If you go through your files deleting random things then you're going to have errors. For example if you delete the sounds or certain materials then you're going to get errors due to the lua files trying to reference those resources. If you just want the models then you'd need the materials folder, models folder, and the autorun lua file that tells the game player_manager.AddValidModel and list.Set at the very least. I don't believe there's any way around that. Also I don't think there is a software like that specifically for gmod (to say that it takes into account all extensions gmod uses.) though if you know what you're doing you can manually search for those file extensions. If that's not what you're talking about... I don't think there's any way gmod can read compressed/zipped files.
Well guys, i think you just didn't get me. The idea was choosing certain .mdl files among some content and use some magic script/soft that scans materials applied to these models. And saves it all. Well, I have written a lua script that scans luas > mdls > mats and removes other stuff, so don't mind lol. But if someone still knows that there's a soft doing that, you are welcome!
I don't think there's something for it. But all information should be in .mdl file
Would you mind posting your solution so that we can understand what you meant and if anyone else wants to do what you're doing they can?
For those people who has the same problem, here's the code (with instructions) Thank me later xD https://pastebin.com/9TRSZms9
I really like this kind of stuff, guy got an issue and managed to solve it himself by programming and then even post the solution.
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