• mySQL special characters (ex: ' ) mess up the query
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So a MYSQL query looks kind of like INSERT INTO 'Players' (id, money) VALUES ('001', '27' ), you know- it's got half-quotes around it 'like this' but the problem is, when the value I'm inserting contains this (consider: John 'Maynard' Keynes) it messes up the mysql, I get told that I have an error in my SQL syntax. I think this is because it's reading the ' ' and confuses them for part of the actual query syntax. How can I prevent this?
Ya dun goofd. You've got yourself a nice MySQL injection.
yeah, uh-huh, that's cool.
Or, even better yet, use PreparedStatements that mysqloo library provides!
Yes, I think you can then put like :Query("select * from sometable where name = ? and age = ?", "Steve", 18)
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