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Hello! I've noticed http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/ was down, it's a website used to read MDMP files on Garry's Mod (Crash logs). Is there a substitute for this website? Thanks.
What kind of information were you expecting to receive out of that website back when it was still online? I never had a chance to use it, let alone knew that it existed and could actually decipher .mdmp files. Because it is otherwise also possible to open .mdmp files through Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. As an example, this is the kind of information I can have yielded to me when simply opening any crash log from Garry's Mod into Visual Studio: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/321820/b97f40b5-15d5-44b1-a411-90286223e04a/image.png I understand, or otherwise strictly assume, that you are wanting to figure out why the game crashed in the first place, but I am also curious if any of the information seen in the example above could help you in that cause or whether it is strictly useless gibberish, should you try to open your own dump-file in Visual Studio as well.
I just tested that out but it doesn't seem to give much information, the website gave exact information about the file, and I'm trying to find a way to read it without the website (since it shut down)
VSCode, it will say it contains binary data, proceed, you will see the module that crashed the server (If it were caused by one) and last console log, nothing else, if something like vphysics, material system or whatever done something, you won't be able to know it Even most crashes by lua functions aren't even logged, so you're not going to get that much info about it
I always use windbg for this since that's what it was made for, you can get it on the windows store now.
site should be up again
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