• Missing Chat Bubble
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Alright. A small little issue that I'm having and need some support on fixing the issue. Running DarkRP. For an unknown amount of time, my server has been failing to display the chat indicator when people are typing. I've checked to see if the model is in the server, and if the module in the DarkRP gamemode folder was still there. It all checks out, so now I'm at a lose for answers on whats causing the issue and what I can do to fix it without adding more addons into the server for a function that should be working in the first place.
Newest version of DarkRP installed?
Pulled straight from the GitHub
Maybe PostPlayDraw hook is overridden.
Kinda wish I had a dev server to start disabling things that may be causing it. Again, I have no idea when it started so I don't know where to start
You could start a local server and test the addons you are using and go from there to see if any addons are the culprit.
Haven't thought of that, will do that when I have a chance. Thank you!
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