• Cbuf_AddText: buffer overflow
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107320/a9b89fce-5b03-4b5b-9ac3-88c0b360a684/image.png Every once in awhile, and the amount of times seems to vary between player's, this freaking wall of crap shows up. I think everytime this happens, my game freezes for a split second too. So i think this may be a source of performance issues for some. Googling this gives me different results for different source games, but I haven't found what causes this and how to fix it. Maybe one of the gmod devs like Rubat might know? Even if it doesn't impact performance, it does clog the console.
You are trying to run too many console commands on the client. (Either from the server or the local client)
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