• Ability to set the time of a current sequence?
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Hello Facepunch I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I'm trying to find on the wik if theres a function where i can specify a specific time on a sequence, and then apply that time. For an example, if i make a sequence 0 - 60, i want to be able to set a specific time in that sequence ( Example: Entity:SequenceTime( time ) ). I've also look upon the valve wiki to see if there's any Inputs like this for prop_dynamic, but i can't seem to find any. Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
GetCycle returns 0-1 and SequenceDuration it lenght in seconds
http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Entity/SetCycle is what you are looking for
Oh meh fookin god thank you both! <3
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