• gmpublish.exe ownership error
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I typed gmpublish.exe list in the cmd and this popped up, any help? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/418304/93491f27-ec6c-4d60-8909-a355eeb11fb1/image.png
You must own GMod to upload to GMod workshop
But I do, I even uploaded several objects on the workshop over the past few months
Make sure you are logged into correct Steam Account and that Steam Family View is not blocking GMod or other Steam features. Also any of your addons recently banned?
Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm on the right account, my addons aren't banned either. It was working well like maybe 3 weeks ago when I uploaded my first addon on the workshop, then I don't know what happened, I can't even fetch the list with gmpublish.exe -list, it says ownership error like on the screen I've shared
Is your GMod from family sharing? That won't do.
Yes it is, but I've been able to post stuff with the family sharing in the past, what could've happened?
It was changed so that you can no longer do that, to prevent people from circumventing workshop bans at least on some level.
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