• Placing avatars in chatbox
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I want to display the avatars of any player who sends something in chat. I have it working, but experienced an issue where the avatars are all in a static position in the chat box. By this I mean that if i scroll down in the chat box, the avatar maintains a static position relative to the chat box, and is not "linked" with the player. I understand that the way that I am coding it sets it in a static position, however I cannot figure out a way to "append" the avatars to a richtext panel, so that it would be inserted together with the player Nick and their message. My code is shown below. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/483843/b56193f6-d56a-4d84-b450-d62f93d6ebde/image.png
You need to code your own ChatBox for this
Yes i already coded a functional custom chatbox, I am working on features for it, and am stuck on this one.
You'd need to make your own RichText type thing. The default RichText element is garbage for stuff other than coloured text. Here's an example of one.
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