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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/5d5b19c7-8381-4681-9dc4-0d149a59c0af/de_port0008.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/396e646f-572f-449c-aabc-bda0764ac668/de_port0006.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/0babbca3-6038-4d8f-9e18-dafee5c5de0b/gm_flatgrass0002.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/ab95d62d-3f54-474f-a2da-fec6aab25129/gm_construct_in_flatgrass0000.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/9db2bab5-2d39-4dc9-9965-e7c6d3ad3d24/gm_7eleven_v60002.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/461987/e3c0a0ec-83bd-4242-b008-ee1957586e31/drive_in_theator0001.jpg
Gonna try to do contstructive critism here, but I know its gonna sound like an Insult. You didn`t put in any effort into this.. In one picture you can even see the lua error sign. Your Graphic settings are set on low, making the edges and lightning and everything look super cheap and bad. In 4 of 5 Pictures you literally just spawned 1 - 4 props, put them in the pic with barely any poses and thats it. I know your new at making screenshots, but you should take longer than 2 minutes to create a picture...
the error is a addon killing a addon gmod is dead one is a kinect my graphics are high i take 52 mins to make screenshot 3 of the screenshots are old who put a box on my post do you like smg4
you can disable these error messages when taking a screenshot...thats what everyone does, or you get rid of the broken addon no its not? and thats not even a excuse to make bad screenshots still looks bad they definetly are not high, edges and lightning look horrible i totally dont believe that you need 52 minutes for one of these pics then dont upload them since they are bad the box means "dumb". because these pictures are just bad like i said why does that even matter?
my gmod is dead
wtf is wrong with you calm down
There was no effort whatsoever in those screenshots. Those are literally a 30 second job.
Kid, how old are you? You posted your screenshots, most likely because you wanted an opinion. You got that opinion, why don't you just accept it and learn from your mistakes?
box your post fuck your post
thats not how it works here
Much better than Test Poses
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/716/e1226e79-6465-42b2-a446-84ff56b23785/image.png lmao dumb
he said several times that HIS gmod is dead. ..which makes no sense at all since we was able to create pictures and upload them
his brain is dead
That's his point. The point is that you can literally do whatever you want, that's the best thing about Garry's Mod. Now obviously there are limits, but I have never come across a game much like Garry's Mod, never. There are no rules, nobody telling you to do some specific task. You are free, no story, no setting. You can play settings (maps), or you can create settings (hammer), also create your own INGAME! If you need a good example of this, look up Das Bo Schitt. My god you can create films, you can do WHATEVER you want!
Aaaand there's the FP cc i remember. Ya'll were so focused on those top quality scene builds, you forgot where we came from https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/285360/2e3e111c-f95d-4e9a-b4e7-d1bd3c778035/rp_hometown1999_sgprp10000.jpg
I know where we came from. But be real. The picture you send took more effort than all the pictures the OP send. I know everyone starts bad, but he really just threw 1-3 props in the world. with no poses
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thank you
If gmod isn't dead, why is the WAYWO thread dead ?
Gmod is dying because people who played for so long think they have complete authority over others better than others then set in standards for everything , in a game where you are supposed to do whatever you want.
yeah basically i have like over a thousand hours and use soft lamps so I win
I've got just about 4,000 got it in 2013.
gmod really sucks life out of everyone
I don't really play it anymore, I am stuck with making maps. I can't stop with these concepts, way to many in my head, I even have to dismiss some of them.
I get paid to not show the stuff i work on, it sucks tbh
grog no care
better than having conversations like "can u do it free?"
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