• My Garry's Mod freezes in download quere
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Hello. When I always launch Steam my Garry's Mod copy appears in downloading quere pretending that it downloads updates for workshop, while there is any new updates or workshop updates. Even when my addon list is empty its still appears here and don't let me play.That problem was on different systems too. No matter if that's Windows 8 or Windows 10. Anyone know how to fix it? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/230586/e467985e-491c-4a11-91ed-4219e0db1d4a/furryboobs.png
i used to encounter this when i switch accounts on steam but i wait for it for a few minutes then it says ready to play How long did you wait for it? it might take a few minutes to be over
That typically means its working on Workshop content.
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