• Achievement hack?
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Hey, Ive been playing gmod for awhile and I came across a server owner that hacked his achievements... I don't know if this is a bannable offense but that's his achievements for Garry's mod and look at the timestamps and look at his workshop content... even with a wayback machine its not possible. Thanks that's all Steam Community I'm only bringing this to Facepunch cause he has the Garry achievement which is the one that says you played with Garry... and I know damn well he hasn't
https://github.com/gibbed/SteamAchievementManager It's not against Facepunch's ToS, and AFAIK it's not against Valve's. Also wrong subforum.
Haha a lot of old players got the Garry achievement because there was a way to spoof being Garry in a way that gave the achievement to everyone on the sever.
It's not bannable to hack achievements, at all, Have you not seen the people who are level 9999 on steam and have no vac bans?
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