• Loading screen music?
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I remember when Gary’s mod used to have servers with loading screen music is there a way you can do it again even though Google is not supporting the browser anymore. I would prefer the free method not any paying method. Thanks in advance
If you want to learn you have to do independent study this means searching online, looking through other peoples code and such.
no one likes loading screen music
I just got flashacks from all the shitty serverd that would pump some rap or some shit at full volume, and I couldnt turn it off because gmod didnt let me use the Desktop
If you want loading screen music then you're better off buying something like SleekMenu or a loading screen with the code built in to play music, you can add your own .mp3 formatted music to the code and to your server and it will play. Obviously you will need a webhost to do this, If you want it free, you'll have to have a look for a free website with FTP to upload your stuff. Be warned though, 99% of players can't stand loading screen music as we all have different tastes, some of us will instantly disconnect based on a shitty track.
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