• Server not responding if banned
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Hello, i'm currently testing some things and i found out that if i get banned on my server i cannot join anymore like it says server not responding. I don't want to be it like that because i want my players to know why they have been banned. How can i "fix" this problem?
that sounds amazingly dumb...anyway ask someone else to try, maybe its just a problem on your side
It's for everyone. I found out it's only like this if i get a ip ban.
That's the default behavior for the built-in ban system. It is normal and you cannot change it I think. The only way to avoid this behavior is to not use the default ban system.
I'm using ulx and i read that ulx does not ip ban.
I fixed this! I had anti familysharing which resulted that in every ban the ip was also banned. And that caused the issue.
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