• /funk with a Spoiler text
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Hello i have a little problem i have a script with make a Command:/funk. Now i want to edit this so so that the Text in the atlas Chat get spoiler with: <spoiler> Text </spoiler> #NoSimplerr# function playerAdvert( ply, args ) if args == "" then ply:SendLua( string.format( [[notification.AddLegacy( "%s", 1, 5 ) surface.PlaySound( "buttons/button15.wav" )]], CLASSICADVERT.failMessage ) ) else for k,pl in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do local senderColor = team.GetColor( ply:Team() ) DarkRP.talkToPerson( pl, senderColor, CLASSICADVERT.chatPrefix.." "..ply:Nick(), CLASSICADVERT.advertTextColor, args, ply ) end return "" end end DarkRP.defineChatCommand( CLASSICADVERT.chatCommand, playerAdvert ) how can i make this??
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