• Awesomium Making my Addons Not Work.
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This message keeps appearing when i get into Garry's Mod. My Addons are Showing Up in the folder but When I go into a solo game they do not appear at all. Initializing Awesomium.. Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (p2p_enabled) No Kinect SDK The Addons are Saying this when It does not work and they are in all red to. Failed to read addon 1538559295! Extraction failed.. Oh oh! (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/ -no-cef-sandbox/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons/rp_undertale_republic_models_and_materials_1538559295.gma) And yes there was something about a -no -cef -sandbox thing. It said it could make my game work better or something. But the file just sits in Program Files and i cant Delete it. Then This Message appears after everything loads. --- Missing Vgui material vgui/crosshair_bg Could Someone Possibly Help me? I really want to play some Gmod With my Friends. :/
It's because of "/ -no-cef-sandbox/" in the path to the game, specifically the "space" character at the start of the folder name. -no-cef-sandbox is an launch argument for Steam, not something to name your folder. Seems to be mostly used for people trying to run Steam under WINE (Linux). You don't need it. You will probably have to reinstall Steam to not be in the " -no-cef-sandbox" folder to fix this.
Alright Thank you for the help. I'll try to reinstall it and see if that works.
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