• Workshop Download broken on server
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Hello, i got a serious problem on my server and i cannot manage to fix it myself. So basically i restarted my server and... it broke. My workshop.lua file is broken. Everything is perfect in the lua.There are no misspellings and it is how it should be. I even double checked. So how can it break? I really need help! It is also in the correct path /lua/autorun/server I removed half of the file to check if it maybe broke because of too many things but no. Still broken. Can it be that my authkey is broken? I mean i checked and it is correct in the startup file. And also the workshop downloaded perfectly into the server.
Please explain how it is "broken". You do not need any authkeys for workshop anymore.
It just won't download anything for the client anymore. Nothing happends.
To clarify, the name of the doesn't need to be "workshop.lua". It can be ANYTHING. Name it something unique and you will not have any problems like that.
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