• Will Modern Anti Cheat stop hackers from becoming superadmin on my server
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Will Modern Anti Cheat stop hackers from becoming superadmin on my server and if not what will
Actually vetting your addons for backdoors and not using leaked shit.
Never allow anyone on your server and boom, no one can hack it
i mean thats a way to do it..but its super inefficient. and also, not every backdoor is doing stuff with steamids. some just fuck the server up with other codes that dont have steamids in them, so you dont just find them like that
Whats a efficient way to look for backdoors?
there is software that you can put on your server that looks for backdoors automatically. Especially for gmod Backdoor Scanner
Backdoors initially are not hard to find. I know the guy who made Modern Anti-Cheat. From my understanding of it. I honestly Cannot think of a way to get superadmin without rcon. Modern Anticheat is most likely looking for people who are trying to manipulate network variables and or strings. Just don't Give out your rcon password to anyone and you should be fine. On a side note one someone I know mentioned about ulx exploits. It would be worthwhile to look into those or if you can invest in serverguard. Thats my 2 cents based on my current understanding of Modern ant-cheat anyway.
I tried that and i found all my backdoors. But i don't think it detects addusers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714628992
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